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Re: RC: Elevator Ride

In a message dated 01/11/2001 5:13:37 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I was wondering if any one had some info on running an elevator ride.  
50-75-100 miles.

First, you must indicate your ride is to be an elevator on the sanction 
application form.  Then you should indicate that it is an elevator on your 
ride entry blank and brochure or information sheet.  The prospective riders 
need to know before the ride. Then, the riders enter the lowest ride mileage 
of their choice, with the option of elevating.  A rider may not enter a 
higher mileage and then drop down to a lower one.  Once the rider has 
finished, say, the 50, and chooses to elevate to the 75, he is no longer 
entered in the 50 at all.  If he fails to complete the 75, he has failed to 
complete any mileage at all.  He cannot claim to have finished 50 miles.  A 
rider may elevate only once, and is awarded completion only with no placing.
I hope this answers your question.  

Chair, Ride Managers committee

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