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Re: RC: Stress of racing youngsters

Not every horse that goes to the track spends a lot of time there. If a horse doesn't have the speed at 6 furlongs, then why spend money on their training?  The hunter/jumper world is full of OTT TB's. One Arab we have broke his maden his first race. At some point between his first and second race he twisted a testicle and had to be gelded. The owners wanted to put a track record on him and put him at stud (to replace his father who they had at stud). They decided to sell him to a good home who would use him. He had no ill effect from his track days. If anything he is a lot less spooky about things because of it.


Tracey wrote:

 Caveat : what follows is opinion, based on limited experience, no reading, and the odd musing.  Not meant to be taken as gospel / to sway opinion, but to encourage debate (ticking off new year's resolution to be nice on the internet) I have zero experience with Arabs, racing or otherwise, but the local riding industry is heavily weighted in favour of OTT TBs.  They come off of the track regularly and frequently the owner does not want any money for them.  Many of these TBs go on to have careers as jumpers / dressage horses / eventers, despite having raced. Not all of these horses "break down" as a result of injuries sustained whilst on the track or because of wear and tear.  

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