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Re: RC: Stirrups

I use EZ Ride stirrups and am very happy with them.  I used to have a severe 
problem with nerve damage in my feet, caused by circulation cutoff when 
riding long distances.  The stirrups I used to use were too narrow and did 
not give enough support and cushioning.  I have no trouble at all anymore.  
The EZ Ride stirrups are lightweight (aluminum), 4" wide (maybe 5"), have a 
thick pad of dense foam topped with a non-slip material, and are available in 
black or brown.  The don't look English, but I find them perfectly compatible 
with my English saddle (I have a Sylvan GP from the same company as your 
Solstice, and I love it!).  The basic model, without cage or leather covering 
costs $65, I think.


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