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Re: Re: where to get ex-racehorse arabs?

Hi Tara -

I have been reading the RC info about racehorses, and wanted to throw in my
$.02 and wanted to encourage you to look around at racehorses, as some of
them are much better prospects than others.  When I was horse shopping last
Sept. a racetrack mare caught my eye, and I ended up bringing her home.

Luna was bred & raced by Magness (RMTC was a partner in owning her).  She
was race trained and raced for two years, but before that she was started on
trails.  She's good on trails - careful with her feet and willing to go up
and down anything calmly.  She's cooperative with having her feet handled,
and will not pull on her lead rope for any reason whether I am leading or
ponying or tying her.  She's not spooky (she has not spooked hard with me
yet, knock on wood).  Her legs are very clean.  She eats and drinks any time
she has a chance, which I have heard is different from most racehorses.  She
is very good about trailering.

The hard part for us is that, like any young horse worked hard at an early
age, Luna does not round her back and trots stiffly.  There's a lot of work
to be done just getting her to trot & canter properly, and developing a
good, reaching flat walk is taking longer than I expected.  When I test rode
her before buying, she was in a running martingale.  When I rode her at
home, I found that she used it as a crutch and just didn't know how to
balance without one.  I had hoped that getting her ride-ready would be a
faster project than it is, but it takes time to get things right even with
such an athletic horse.

Best of luck on your horse buying quest.  I hope a track horse can find a
great home with you.  There are a few people on the alias who are very
knowledgable about racehorse re-training that have been really helpful to
me, I bet you can find a great mentor through RC if you need one.


p.s. Luna has a webpage at

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