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RE: whips and spurs

I was sitting here reading all those posts and thinking
the very same thing, Jennifer.  I was actually surprised
to see the whips (bats) so prominently displayed in Teddy's
pictures even though it appeared to not be in use.  I
can't even imagine riding with a whip with my horse.
I could see it for training purposes, though!


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From: Jennifer Kurtzhall []
Sent: Tuesday, January 09, 2001 8:49 AM
Subject: RC: whips and spurs

This is my personal opinion,and may be worth very
 I've been reading about this issue and while I agree
that crops and spurs can have their place in training
a horse to be responsive to your cues I also believe
that any horse talented and proven enough to compete
at International levels should absolutely be well
trained enough to compete without them.  I have never
tried, but I can just about guarantee that my horse
would jump right out of his skin if I laid a spur on
him for any reason, he KNOWS what my legs mean because
he's had it drilled into his head in the arena.
   I believe that anyone talented enough to bring a
horse to World Championships should also be talented
enough to teach a horse to be responsive and light on
their commands, if they can't, then they shouldn't be
there.  These  people should not be jockeys, they
should be horseman (or woman.) If we want our sport to
be respected by the public then we need to take
responsibility for our actions.

I know, wishful thinking.
Jennifer Kurtzhall

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