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Re: RC: Re: Re: volunteering

I went into the box at one ride, think was Hahira, and was more interested in
keeping the vermin from rubbing his head on me than what the pulse taker was
doing. Then I hear, "this is weird", and turn to see her with one of these
HRM devices right next to my belt which holds my HRM transmitter. I always
strip tack and put on an elastic belt with a HRM and electrodes.

Well she was getting this really strange reading. I pointed out that she
should just move her device and look at my monitor, mounted by the
transmitter on the belt if she were going to use an electronic device. She
did and of course he was 52:-).

I've watched Otis Schmidt take the pulse on the back side of a CRI and I
noticed him glance at my monitor while doing it. He finished and said, "that
thing is 2 beats high:-). "

They do have a delay since they need a few seconds to measure the pulse.


Rides 2 Far wrote:

> > I've been to several rides in the past couple of years where all>
> pulse-takers have this nifty pulse-taking device..
> Hey, those fib too! >g< Honestly, I've had as many doubts about the
> accuracy of those as I have of volunteers, then I heard why...if I've got
> this right, you should never wear a wristwatch on the same arm that holds
> the nifty pulse taking thingy, but nobody tells people this. My guess is
> that a heart monitor on the horse could interfere too.

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