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Re: Volunteering

Sandy wrote
"The very first time I volunteered was at a Race of Champions in Wyoming
Big Horn) I had never taken a horses Pulse before.  I was at the last vet
check...the front runners came in neck to neck..They were REALLY "focused "
on pulsing down before the other one...And there "for the grace of God" was
I....I think I was presented by Darla with RT Muffin...For the life of me I
couldn't hear a heart beat...I couldn't hear ANYTHING!!! Seemed like an
eternity...My life was passing before my eyes as the other horse pulsed which point a VERY polite Darla pointed out that I had forgotten
to put the stethoscope in my ears ;o0..."

And this people is why Sandy is my mentor !! It is never ever boring riding
or travelling with her :-)

                       Drin Becker
                       Mtn. Region

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