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Re: RC: Whips and outsider's perspective

Title: Re: RC: Whips and outsider's perspective
When there is an issue of judging a wrongful act, somebody in authority must see it. So, just where on a 100 mile ride can abuse take place where there are no judges tuned into checking out whips and spurs? Much easier to catch in an arena setting or a race track with cameras on!

So, if we apply the acid tests of "a level playing field" and "welfare of the horse", the FEI has every opportunity to say no to tack and implements that can abuse a horse. This at least makes a dent when DIMR and win at all costs mentality takes over.  Sometimes horses 'misbehave' cause they're tired, sore and running on empty, etc. They should be crossing the finish line fit, trained and conditioned to go the distance.

Just a thought!



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