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Re: Wintec vs. custom > Annie's 2 cents

In a message dated 1/8/01 8:19:14 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< How many years or months will he have this saddle before the tree warps as
 they so oftern do or it starts falling apart? How many miles does he ride
 training in a week and what leavel of endurance is he at? There is nothing
 yet or I don't believe ever will be anything as durable as leather, when it
 is properly taken care of. We have some leathers now that require a minimal
 amount of care. Especially since Leather Therapy has come into being.
 Marilyn Horstmyer
 DeSoto Custom Saddlery
 (231) 775-5612 >>

Well, my husband Charlie Robinson on Ima Liberated Lady took Nat'l 
Heavyweight Championship for the Pioneer Award last year.  He did 1155 miles 
in Mulitdays alone.  He also completed and won 3 Nat'l Mileage Horse for 1999 
at 1525 miles.  He is still using this saddle and had did 550 miles on two 
different horses for 2000.  His Mare Ima Liberated Lady has 4000 miles in 3 
1/2 years.  We got 3rd place in the Nat'l Husband & Wife Team for 1999.

Tammy Robinson
Trail-Rite Ranch & Products

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