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Re: RC: FEI stuff

> This is a serious setback for the safety of all riders and horses.
> Linda Van Ceylon
> AERC# 5023
> Fort Collins, CO
> >From: "Steph Teeter"
> >To:
> >Subject: RC:  FEI stuff
> >Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 20:09:25 -0700
> >
> >For those who may be interested, there is an FEI rule change:
> >FEI Bulletin 2000-10, page 55, lists FEI Art. 818.3 as having been amended
> >to read "Spurs and whips are prohibited."
> >
> >At the 2000 WEC, there were many complaints about the winning riders
> >using crops (publicly) at the finish line.  I think this means FEI is
> >listening
> >and sensitive to the issues. Squeaky wheels.
> >
> >Steph
> >
> >
I totally disagree with Steph.  I was there at the
finish line in France and there was NO ONE abusing
the use of a whip. I have photos to show it!!!

Furthermore, this is just another example of and
idiot outlawing guns when it is not guns that
kill, but people.

And, why are we getting closed out of the
wilderness and forests? ...because a few abuse the
privilege and it is easier to ban something than
it is to manage it.

Education and common sense need to be applied.
This world seems to have an ever decreasing supply
of both...

Teddy Lancaster

WARNING: We will be unavailable from January 25 to
March 13, 2001 as we will be attending trade shows
around the country.  Please plan ahead.

If they are shooting at you, you must be doing
something right--

Does this mean I cannot tell the Emperor he has
no clothes unless I have a Kingdom?

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