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endurance article

Wow. That is so sad. How can people let animals die that way? Let me say that even though I don't like rules and I held 2 unsanctioned rides, we abided by AERC rules and stated so on the application. That is also why I don't want money purses in this sport. I have 3 greyhounds limping around my farm. Two came from the track that way. One has since been put down due to bone cancer. (The drugs they give those dogs is unbelievable) All in the name of money. But guess what, it isn't always about money or rules. To have that many horses die in one event show how STUPID people are. And those people think of animals, children, and spouses as property and they can do with them whatever the hell they want to . Race them to death, beat them to death, whatever. With no shame what so ever. Most of us could never do that to our horses, even without rules. What an eye opening article. Thanks for passing that on. Lisa Salas, The Odd farm

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