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Ed's Saga

I have set-up an yahoo groups e-mail list for for those of you who are interested and
not to clutter up other groups, please sign-up and
you will get updates and know what everyone else
has suggested.

Ed and I are extremely grateful for all the
support and help we have received already.  This
list will make communications easier...

Ed has been moved out of ICU and is at:

Ed Paige  Room 4302 c/o
Cabell-Huntington Hospital, 1340 Hal Greer
Boulevard, Huntington, WV 25755
Phone number for him is:

Since he cannot talk well (he is weak), it is best
to talk to whichever nurse is on duty for him if
you want to call.

Teddy Lancaster

To join the Ed_Paige group, please visit


If they are shooting at you, you must be doing
something right--

Does this mean I cannot tell the Emperor he has
no clothes unless I have a Kingdom?

Running Bear Farm, Inc.
1348 Township Road 256
Kitts Hill, Ohio, 45645 USA  -
1-800-533-2327, FAX: 740-533-0337


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