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Tail sores

The barn where I board Tanna is a trail-riding barn.  The owner, Judy, has about 13 or 14 horses of her own.  Two of her mares she just sent off to be bred.  She got the Arabian back several weeks ago (Tanna's in love with her!).  Then Judy sent her QH bay mare to be bred.  I'm not sure if the mares were sent to the same place, but it doesn't really matter.
When Chicara (the bay) came back this week, Judy noticed she has these gross sores on her tail dock near the end of the dock.  The hide of the tail dock is coming off, and the hair, obviously is coming, too.  There are sores underneath the hide.  Judy's not sure what to do to heal it or stop it.
The mare gets wormed every 2 months.  I'm not sure of the exact rotation, but I know she gets wormed regularly.
Any ideas?  Anybody think it might have something to do with being bred?  I'm pretty sure it was live cover, but I'm not sure of the conditions (with people watching or pasture bred).
Thanks for the replies.  I told her I'd ask the endurance group since endurance people seem to know more about horses and see more horses than a lot of people.
April & Tanna
Nashville, TN

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