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Re: RC: Bill and Smokey

In a message dated 5/11/01 9:20:21 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< sn't the purpose of this and other lists to educate?  Part of education is 
 questions and examining the answers.>>

You miss the point entirely. These people are accusing Bill of lying--not 
seeking information. I have never refused to help anyone who needed help but 
I'll be damned if I'll allow the kind of character assasination that goes on 
here all the time to touch somebody who is helping me. 
 >Telling her her mother wears floppy old combat boots is not the way to 
 knowledge.  It is a good indication that there is a weakness in the premise. 

Place your bet against the premise, dear. Let's see what happens. Truman is 
holding the cash. Let's not be mealymouthed about it--let's just have at it 
and be done with it. 

Truman, you up for this? We can settle everyone's "honest and innocent 
curiosity" all at once. They can send you $20s or $50s, or $100s. I'll send 
you $1,000.  When it's matched, the truth shall be revealed! You be the judge 
and jury. 

This weekend I had two good friends injured, Bill and Ed. We'll split the 
winnings between them, so that Bill won't be embarrassed taking the money. 
It's for a good cause, folks--you put up your $1,000, I'll put up mine, and 
we'll give it all to Bill and Ed if I win. If I lose, you double your money. 
Got to be at least $1,000, though, so we can sucker all those seeking 
"education" into the pool. Make 'em pay for it.


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