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Alpine's new home

I found Alpine a new place to live that is wonderful.  It's about 5 miles
from home, keeps him out in a pasture 24/7 except for breakfast and dinner,
and has access to MILES of trails.  This place connect to the
Jacksonville/Baldwin rail trail if I choose toride there, or access to miles
of woods trails.  No big roads to ride down to get to them either.  Our
biggest obstacles so far have been the neighbors goats and pigs.  

He is living in a 30 acre pasture with 12 other horses and is very happy to
have company.  The other boarders there need to work on basic horsemanship,
but hey, we can deal with that.  (I had to cringe when the 11 year old girl
took her TB cross out of the barn, threw a saddle on, and ran her for about a
mile with NO warm up or cool down at all.  Poor thing...)  They also laugh at
my english saddle.... :)

Anyway, am happy with Alpines new home, and he seems pretty happy too!!!!

Juli and Alpine :)

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