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RC: Re: FEI/AERC Rules

>>Same with hooded stirrups or 1" heels on footwear, even though this is protection for the rider.  Most of us feel that our safety should be OUR decision, not the 
decision of some government agency or international organization.>>

OK me again.  If you've ever been on the receiving end of the press or an official enquiry, then you will have sympathy for the ride organisers for imposing a rule like this and not letting individuals decide for themselves.  Two years ago at our national championships an army rider went out for a walk on his horse.  They were both seasoned endurancers - the rider rode every day of his life.  The horse spooked at goodness knows what, the rider fell off and hit his head against a rock - yes, he wasn't wearing his helmet.  He was air-lifted to a military hospital, treated for a day or two but could not be saved.  I was not part of any enquiry but I heard about the subsequent hoopla.

Now my question : If the safety decisions are left to the riders and a rider is seriously or fatally hurt, will that rider or his family speak up and say "It was his decision not to wear a helmet?"  I think not!  I rather think the family or rider would say "The rules should stipulate the wearing of helmets".

BTW, our rules specify the wearing of helmets at any ride as well as the use of safety stirrups in the absence of proper footwear.  I happily abide by those rules because I know they are there for my protection.


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