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Re: RC: Concurrent Rides

ROFL!...This is why I love this sport!

Bunch of us were tooling along in those looooong loops at Biltmore. All
kind of strange behavior shows up out there. We were discussing what you
do out here. How about whistling, or humming (Like Duane Barnett)  I
said, "Sometime I quote poetry". Really, can you do that? Can you give
us an example? problem.

gaily bedigh, a gallant knight
in sunshine and in shadow.
journeyed long, singing a song 
in search of El Dorado

but he grew old, this knight so bold
and over his heart a shadow
fell because he found
no spot of ground
that looked like El Dorado.

Someone said.. Was that the Eagles?  Naw...that was Edgar Allen Poe.

Jim and Sun of Dimanche

Kathy Mayeda wrote:
> This is letting my wierd imagination running wild now!  Guys
> in camouflage shorts on Arabs carrying rifles.  Maybe I just
> won't show up for the ride and just hit the margarita party
> after.  Maybe they'll serve venison steaks at breakfast the
> next morning?
> K.
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> Subject: Re: RC: Concurrent Rides
> Its also opening day of deer season.  Is there anything in AERC rules
> about carrying a gun?  What about FEI rules?
> Gary
> Kathy Mayeda wrote:
> >  Talk about different rules at the same venue:  There will be a 35
> > mile Championship Ride and Tie,a 15 mile Ride and Tie, a 25 mile LD
> > and a 50 Mile AERC rider, and a 35 mile trail run all goingon at the
> > same venue in the same day.  The following day will be a 20K Ride, 10K
> > Run biathlon.This is on Sept. 15/16 at Truckee, CA.
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