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Concurrent Rides

Talk about different rules at the same venue:  There will be a 35 mile Championship Ride and Tie,
a 15 mile Ride and Tie, a 25 mile LD and a 50 Mile AERC rider, and a 35 mile trail run all going
on at the same venue in the same day.  The following day will be a 20K Ride, 10K Run biathlon.
This is on Sept. 15/16 at Truckee, CA.
There are a few other combo Ride and Tie/AERC rides in our area.  If people don't like this
they just don't come.  What's the big deal.
Doesn't this make having a FEI/AERC, or an AERC/NATRC combo ride pale in comparison
to logistics? 
At the SASO IV,  the FEI horses had an X following the number greasepainted on, and the
FEI riders had blue ride cards vs. white.  As far as all the safety rules - helmets, shoes, stirrup cages, etc. -
the majority of the non-FEI competitors were in compliance with FEI there anyway, as a matter of
course.   All the vet stops where the same, so I believe that everyone competing that
day would have been using the same strategy to get through the ride that they would
use getting thru a normal AERC ride.
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