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Re: RC: Re: Milk Pellets

Hi Jerri
I know Bev Scott, who is a highly respected race trainer and 
Russian Arabian breeder supplemented her stallion Staccato with
milk-based pellets; she swore it was the only thing that kept weight on
him. She felt calf manna twice a day, getting up to a few of pounds/day,
I believe.
Nothing scientific--- just worked for her. I tried it with Hal and found
it did seem to help him fill out. Then I discovered a locally made older
horse that worked the best.

Susan Garlinghouse wrote:
> The only reason nutritionally would be that supplementing calcium helps a
> particular layer of the hoof wall (the stratum medium) regrow, but the milk
> pellets are only beneficial if the diet is otherwise lacking in calcium.
> It's pretty unusual to find a diet so deficient in calcium that you would
> need to supplement it specifically, but just in case that were so, you could
> supply the calcium easier and cheaper with a handful or two of alfalfa.  The
> calcium in alfalfa is slightly bound by oxalates, so not *quite* as
> bioavailable as that found in milk pellets, so fine.....feed an extra
> handful of alfalfa.  Still beats paying fifty bucks for a 25 lb bag of foal
> pellets.  I can't remember where you're located Jerri, so if it's back east,
> than any of the good quality hays back there have all the calcium you could
> possibly want or need.
> Just maybe the other idea behind the milk pellets is to provide some amino
> acids, but again, if you're feeding a decent ration, it's not an issue.
> So assuming your ration is otherwise a good one, you don't need to
> supplement extra calcium.  Biotin wouldn't be a bad idea, though.  That
> specifically has some benefits to the stratum externum layer, as well as
> other areas of the foot.
> Good luck. :-)
> Susan G
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> > Hi
> > What are some of the advantages of feeding milk pellets to our horses?  It
> > was suggested that I feed these at a cup a day to a foundered horse.  Does
> > anyone else use these, and if so for what reasons.
> >
> > Thanks
> > Jerri
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Bette Lamore
Whispering Oaks Arabians, Home of 16.2hh TLA Halynov	
(Yes, really 16.2!)

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