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Mane mites

I'm not worming * internally*  with Quest.. just applying it to the skin.
It doesn't get into the blood stream that way.
The mite either has to be smothered, or killed with an pesticide.
They reside just under the skin (of the mane) and will not be killed by dusting
or applications that do not absorb into the skin. Pyrethrins do not kill them, nor will
lice medications ( I tried all those things last time this occurred)
Topical Quest will  kill them in one application...
I have found out that it's carried by birds... but why some horses get it and some don't
I don't know. We have chickens, but they're free range, and wou;dn't
think they'd have anything.. but you never know.. we've had chickens for over 10 years, and this
mite thing just showed up 2 years ago.
I'm doing the topical QUEST treatment tonite... then I'm banding the mane so it falls
on the opposit side as these buggers like the dark (underneath side of the mane).
I've never had a problem in the tail.
I want them GONE....

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