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Shoeing suggestions for a ground pounder?

Hubby's endurance horse has always been a bit of a "front end hauler" rather
than "rear wheel drive" so he takes quite a bit of concussion on his front
feet, and it's starting to take it's toll.  I can see the little concussion
lines on the heels of his front feet and need to do something about it before
we start seeing soundness issues.

We've never used concussion pads and our farrier doesn't shoe a lot of
distance horses, tho he's willing to learn.  Would love some suggestions
regarding what sort of options are out there.  At the moment, the boy is in
plain keg shoes . . .  (We've been there and done that with aluminum, but
they didn't hold up very well over the miles.)

In the mean time, we're going to keep teaching him to shift his weight back,
and keep using cavaletti and lateral work to strengthen him in the hind end.

Thanks in advance.  And forgive my ignorance.


P.S.  On the FEI thing, I wonder if someone "in the know" could post the
similarities and differences between FEI and AERC rules.  Just a chart with
AERC as one heading, and FEI as the other heading, and categories like
"parking", "vetting", "clothing", etc.  Might help clear some of the
confusion since emotions seem to be running high on this topic!  

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