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Re: RC: Re: Biltmore Blues

Actually, when heart monitors first started being used, they had to be 
turned off before you went to P&R at all the rides I went to. Had nothing to 
do with who could afford them. It was ride management not wanting their 
helpers having to argue with riders about their readings differing from the 
P&R person. I haven't heard anyone make an issue of it for a long time, but 
I'd guess at FEI rides they wouldn't want to take chances. With continental 
&/world championships at stake arguing over a minute is much more likely, 
I'd say.
As far as I know, there is no AERC rule about the right to use heart 
monitors. A lot of the differences seem to be concerning differences of what 
is customarily done under AERC rules rather than what the rules specifically 
proscribe rides to do.
Nancy Mitts

>From: Jim Holland <>
>It's a minor point, but I resented not being able to use my
>heartbelt.....the argument that someone made about "not everybody being
>able to afford one" is stupid.  If you can pay to enter FEI rides, you
>certainly can afford a simple heart monitor...and maybe that SHOULD be a
>valid indicator of a horse's's real time and certainly more
>accurate than a stethoscope. Just tell your pulse takers "Don't look at
>it!" Maybe I could cover it with duct tape?

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