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RE: RC: Strangles

I think what we are "arguing" about is a given that it is a grey area.
There probably
is a lot of truth to both of your statements. The carrier horse did not
get sick and has had no previous history of strangles or recent vaccinations
for strangles.
But he goes to a lot of endurance rides, whereas the others that got sick
have a little more insulated life.

By the way, I had an interesting conversation re: strangle with someone
who's vet diagnosed a "mild case of strangles" and told her not to
tell anyone!  Second guessing the vet here, but I suppose that this
is in an environment with previous strangles cases so it's "in the ground"
anyway and just wanted to prevent further hysteria.  Boarding facilities
are a lot more difficult to control information/misinformation.  Don't
know all the facts here and I won't even speculate whether or not this
vet was negligent in this case, so don't get off on this thread!


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In a message dated Mon, 7 May 2001 11:11:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time, "Kathy
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<< Heidi, if you read the article again, Dr. O says that they lose their
immunity over time "perhaps as short as 2 years."
He is not disagreeing with you.  >>

Here is his quote:

<1) There is no doubt that experimentally Strangles horses loose their
immunity over time, perhaps as short as 2 years. Experience suggests in the
real world a longer lasting immunity, some think life time. I have seen
horses in the middle of outbreak surrounded by sick horses that remained
free of the disease but had no history of prior infection or vaccination.
Then again I had not know the horses that well.>

So, he is citing experimental cases having waning immunities, but suggesting
that it may be different in real life.  I am suggesting that real life is
indeed similar to the experimental cases.  It sounds here as if he is
quoting others and not really expressing a clear-cut opinion from his own
experience.  I know from my own experience as well as from the experiences
of others that the immunity is not lifetime, and I haven't talked to anyone
active in the field of immunology that still holds that belief, either.
Regarding horses that do not get sick in a given outbreak--they may or may
not be immune, as all diseases have a pattern  of "morbidity" (the number
that get sick) and it is rarely 100% for any disease.  I can't cite precise
morbidity figures for strangles, but although it has a high morbidity, it
does not approach 100%.  This doesn't mean that the horses who stay well
necessarily have an immunity from a previous exposure.  While Dr. O does not
come right out and say !
that they do, he is inferring th
at he thinks they might.


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