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Re: problem horse

In a message dated 5/6/01 6:14:13 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

If her nose is stuck up another horses butt she won't jig but I won't let
her ride like that, I wanted her to go out on the trail by herself because
we would always ride with big groups (she did fine then) but was afraid to
go by herself. anyways all you horse people  HELP!!!!!please.
    With a young horse I think the most important thing you can give him at this point is confidence in himself and in his rider.  This can best be accomplished by riding with just one other person on a quiet horse, a friend who is willing to wait for you to do the necessary schooling as you go along the trail.  Much can be accomplished this way.  After many wet saddle blankets he'll have the confidence to go with a group.  Don't ask too much too soon.
    He'll jig if he's anxious and worried, and the dynamics of a group of horses can make a young one very anxious.  He's wondering about his position in the herd hierarchy; he's picking up on every other horse's excitement or anxiety, he's worried he'll get left behind.  He's obviously not yet sure enough of himself to handle a group ride.  Step back to what he can comfortably do.
I'm starting a new 5 yr. old under saddle now and we go with just one other horse or alone, keeping sessions, miles short and adjusting to fit the circumstances each trip.  Some days he's wonderful and I'm tempted to reach for more, but he's not ready for that.
    Good luck and relax and enjoy!
        Betty Edgar

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