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Re: RC: problem horse

In a message dated 5/6/01 6:14:13 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

If her nose is stuck up another horses butt she won't jig but I won't let
her ride like that, I wanted her to go out on the trail by herself because
we would always ride with big groups (she did fine then) but was afraid to
go by herself. anyways all you horse people  HELP!!!!!please.

Don't know that I can help other than to say it sounds like a typical 4-year
old...insecure, immature, and inexperienced.  I'm working on one now (only
he's just turned 5).  I ride with just one other person.  We ride slowly and
under control; he likes to lead, but spooks are almost anything during the
first part of a ride.  Yesterday, he kicked a pine cone with his own front
foot, it rolled in front of him, and he spooked vigorously.  Gets tiresome,
but I know he just needs lots of wet saddle blankets and another year or two
of maturing.  I wonder if it would help you to ride with just one person who
is completely understanding of your problem and is willing to pace according
to your needs.


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