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RE: RC: Strangles

Wasn't me!  That's someone else speaking.  I think 3 out of the 8 or so that
have strangles at the ranch were given antibiotics when they spiked high fevers.
The rest were not treated with antibiotics.  It was driving some horse owners
crazy trying to second guess the vet all the time.  One of the horse owners
started a course of antibiotics, but on the advice of another vet, discontinued
it and the absecesses broke open a day later and the horse is well underway
to recovery.
The horses all looked happy and starting to eat well in their quarantine area.
A couple of them looked like they wanted to bust out of the pen and go running.
The rest still look a little tired.   I was talking to one of the catch riders for the
quarantined horses at the Ride and Tie this last weekend, and they all get
back to work on May 19th.  Slow riding for all.
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The other side to the this discussion is when new horses come it sure would
be nice to know they may not get as sick.. I think the key to the argument
is that penicillin, when started early in the course of the disease and used
in appropriate dosages, is extremely effective at curing this disease and
preventing further spread.

Whoa!  This is completely contrary to what I've been told and read about
Strangles.  My understanding is that you DO NOT want to give antibiotics to a
horse with Strangles you can end up with an even worse illness -- Bastard
Strangles that is frequently fatal.


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