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Chiricahua Challenge, a Must Do Ride

 For those of you who did not attend the Chiricahua 
Challenge Ride, boy did you miss out on a class act.
This was a first time ride , and was run so well it 
like they had done it for years. The trail was of 
course challenging, and tough, it was marked well,tons of water, there was perfect
weather and the scenery was fantastic since it is in the same area as the Wonderland Of Rocks here in eastern Arizona. 
The start was one of the nicest beginnings I have had in years. We warmed up in the open rolling hills and then tackled the
Chiricahua Mountains and part of the Chiricahua National 
Monument, and the surrounding National Forest. The local Search and Rescue and the Sherrifs were all over taking our numbers and
looking out for us in the most out of the way places, they were wonderful. Most gates were manned which was a plus, and the vet check was laid out in perfect order (no vetting in the middle of the road), and all checks were in the same spot so that was nice for the crews. This time of year the flowers are
in bloom and the temperature was cool and pleasant, we rode up to above 7,000 feet several times and the views into New Mexico and Arizona were fantastic at the top. The second loop for the fifty milers was a challenge, lots of climbing and switchbacks to keep it interesting and some forest service road where the horses could get a good long trot in. After the climbs we returned via some beautiful rolling ranchland and the sun set on another fantastic ride. The dinner and awards ceremony was tops, as were all the volunteers and landowners who were so generous to donate their time and land to our sport. I would like to publiclly thank the Riggs Family for allowing us to camp and ride on their ranch.Thanks to Beth and all the management of the ride.We are already scedualing this ride in for next year, don't miss it !!

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