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Waterhunt hero

When someone needs help, that always seems to become the priority, no matter what we are doing. Sometimes thought, people need a good whop upside the head. I remember one ride where this lady kept falling off her horse. Then she would block the trail so no one could pass and she would remount. I complied at least 4 times then I told her to get off the trail, go home and take some riding lessons. Another time I was with a group and we let our horses stop for a drink in a creek. Just as the last horse came out of the creek a well known rider came up on us and started screaming at us because we wouldn't wait for him. Mind you, we were already on our way when he came up. I commented that I thought this was a race, and horses on the racetrack don't stop for the other horses to catch up. I guess that was the wrong thing to say because he proceeded to tell us he would kick our butts and show us what racing was all about. He did, so what was the big deal?? Oh I know all about "trail etiquette" but I don't always like to pay $100 to be polite to someone so they may  beat me.  I would like to mention that twice my bridle came off at a full gallop at two different rides. (Biothane ain't all it is advertised to be) The first time Jackie Baker stopped in front of me so that I could put it back together. I told her to please go on and not wait but she stayed til I was ok. The second time, I was running with Vicki and Harry Parker and we were on a slick, clay road. My horse flipped his head up and the bridle ended up at the base of his neck. ( I ride in a hackamore) Vicki and Harry blocked my horse and we stopped. Harry pulled out a shoestring, fixed my bridle and we were off in less than a minute. I told them to go on, I would fix the bridle but they insisted. We all still placed in the top 5. I am very thankful to those people and I haven't had the opportunity to return those favors. When that day comes, that will then be the priority. I do believe in Karma and I am way behind in good points!! Lisa Salas, The Odd FArm

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