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Shine and Shine Only IV weight classes

I recently posted the results of the SASO ride on-line using the output of the Easycare
Ride managers program and ended up with some differences in weight divisions from
what riders are in now.

First - it does not matter what is sent in on the wt div. ride results to the office by the RM.  The
does not even input this data.  They only use the rider AERC number to identify you.  The
weight division for you is set by what your renewal form stated.  If you want this to change -
you must notify the office prior to June 1 of the ride year.

The way the RM program works is that it has an internal database that is about 4 years old
of riders and horses.  And it is not necessarily accurate in region or weight class for the rider.
When the RM starts using the program - you look for the rider in the listing - and if you
find them  - you click and the name gets entered into the form.  The region/wt div are not visible
at this point.  This is where a RM should spend the time to check if it is correct. When you are
entering 100 riders and horses - you don't always do this.

If the person is not in the list - then you have to generate a listing for them - and you try to make
this accurate.  It can be used in the next ride.

So the bottom line here is that whatever the listing showed - it does not matter in the records.

But I must certainly apologize to those who appeared in a different(higher) division even when it
isn't true.

Next time when I  post - I will spend more time making
sure they are accurate for those who would like to see where their placings are in a wt class.
Note this does not mean they are accurate for the record even if they match the riders entry
form.  A rider can be incorrect on this form or differ from the renewal  - then my listings are
are still not what the office will see.


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