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Re: RC: Possible permant cure for virus's !

Actually when the most recent virus came over, I had not done a live update
recently and I didn't have the virus definition.

I by accident tried to open the include file and Norton scanned it before the
operating system opened it. A good setting to have turned on. While it did not
identify the virus it shut down the operating system and gave me a warning
something to the effect that something was fishy and asked if I wanted to
quarantine the file - to which I said yes and then went out their site and found
out about it and did a live up date. So even if the definitions are not completely
up to date, software agents - of which a virus is an example - have certain
properties that the virus checkers can use to flag warnings.


Nancy Mitts wrote:

> Steven,
> Are you on a networked computer with Norton on the server? For those of us
> with single computers the anti-virus itself is "on the computer" isn't it?,
> While Norton (or whatever is used) may scan before you open it, it is
> actually on the computer at the time. If new enough for Norton to miss it,
> we can be infected.
> Nancy

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