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Biltmore Refund

If I recall correctly, the deposit for Biltmore is non-refundable and that 
is *clearly* stated on the entry. I consider it cheap insurance if you want 
to get into a ride as big as Biltmore. And I'm speaking as someone who paid 
it last year and then couldn't go for some reason <shrug>. That wouldn't 
stop me from entering again when my horse is ready.

As long as it's stated clearly on the entry, what's the problem? RM have 
lots of options on the way they run a ride from how they handle the entries 
to the number of vets they have on hand to whether they provide a dinner, 
etc.... A non-refundable deposit is part of that mix I think and Anne 
chooses to do that with this ride.

Doesn't seem to deter too many from this ride as it always has a waiting list.

Tina Hicks - who is still astounded you don't have to send in full entry 
fees for this sport compared to many other horse sports

"some refund"?? I would think that a person would be able to get a full
refund as long as their spot is filled then RM would not be losing any 
money.....right? I'm just curious after the long letter in endurance news 
about ride refunds .
                                              Drin Becker
                                              Mtn. Region

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