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Re: RC: Possible permant cure for virus's !

Hi: As I have stated, the attachment if it can not be repaired "never" is recieved by the computer. It is scanned by "Norton" if it is a virus or has a infected/virus attachment it is stripped from the message or the whole message and attachment is deleted and does not go to "Windows" "DOS" or Outlook Express, ect.
Hope this is clear enough.
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From: Carolyn Burgess
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Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2001 8:22 AM
Subject: Re: RC: Possible permant cure for virus's !

The thing about this virus is that it attaches itself to windows and 3 of the files cannot be deleted through windows, you must go into DOS and delete it.  You can tell when you get it because the worm just regurgitates a message and then says "look at this attachment".  I got one just like it from a friend and deleted it.  She swore that there was a real attachment there.

>From: "steven"
>Subject: RC: Possible permant cure for virus's !
>Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 06:47:29 -0700
>Hi Folks: I use Symantec virus scan which is a part of Norton SystemWorks. I
>have used one of the different settings available from a list of options.
>The option that I have chosen to use is:
>"Try to repair, then delete if unsuccessful"
>This setting does not allow any of the virus's on my machine PERIOD. In
>short if Norton does repair a incoming "Virus" it just DELETES the
>attachment and I never see it nor does the computer. This program scans all
>incoming E-Mail messages or downloads.
>Hope this helps.
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