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Available for service at following rides

Thomas Cerino dba Equestrian Massage
Equestrian Massage - Providing Therapeutic Sports Massage
for Horse and Rider.
 ??? means I have not confirmed attendance with ride manager or
 attendance may depend on the price of gasoline in the future.
 For my wonderful people clients of years past. No more massages
 in a tent, dust and dirt. I now have a 5th wheel trailer with 
 air conditioning. Everybody, have safe happy rides.
 and dressing room
1. Mt Carmel Spring XP
2. Diablo Vista
3. Camp Far West
4. NASTR Palomino Valley  ????
5. Ft Schellbourne Summer XP
6. Mariposa "Run for the Gold' ????
7. Swanton Pacific
8. XP 2001 Pony Express Nevada & Calif. locations ??
9. Western States Tevis Cup  (Both ends)
10.Eastern High Sierra Classic ???
11.The Wendall Robie Memorial- Fall XP  Bryce Canyon ??
12.Wild West I,II,&III  ???
13.Cueno Creek
14.Chamberlain Creek ???
15.Lake Sonoma ???
16.Quicksilver Fall Classic ???
17.Lake Oroville ??? 

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