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Re: RC: housework & horses

--- Rides 2 Far <> wrote:
> Last week Bill announced that the appraiser would be here
> the next day
> since we're refinancing.  To heck with the dirty house, I
> trimmed bridle
> paths and cleaned the barn till midnight getting ready
> for him.

You need me to be your appraiser Angie, I go straight to
the barns and spend half my time there talking horses and
THEN check out the house!!!!!

heidi (residential appraiser)

Heidi-aerc#M20935  /\_/\~
                 ~~/~~  \\~~~~
                  /   O> ) \~~~~~
                 /    __/   \~~~~~~
                (_@_/  |     \~~~~
                       |      \~~~~~~
                       |       \~~~~

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