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RE: Howard Eat Your Heart Out

I was at this ride doing the LD.  There were three meetings posted.  One meeting was at six o’clock for beginners and first time riders, the second was for FEI riders at 7:15 and the third was for all other riders at 7:30.  I can only guess by your statement that you believe all LD riders to be beginners or first time riders.  There are a lot if us that ride LD rides for various reasons and we are not beginners or first time riders.  I personally like meeting as a group with all the riders.  You can pick up a lot of useful information about the trails in the area and other tidbits that come in useful in the further. 

It was a great ride, very well organized and run and my riding partner and I had a blast.  My daughter, who usually rides with us, was not able to ride this one due to an injury her pony received on a training run the week before the ride. We hope to all be there again next year.  A big THANKS to the SASO members for putting on a wonderful ride.



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Hey Howard, guess who is at our ride here in sunny California??????

This should be an interesting ride.  We have 6 world championships
represented.....1 with Sandy Schuler, 3 with Becky Hart and 2 with Valerie

We will, as it stands now, start 46 50 milers, 8 of them riding the FEI ride,
and 27 LD's.  

By the way you LD people who complain about not having your own meetings, we
had someone come to do a presentation for the LD riders and exactly 1 out of
the 27 attended.  Too bad, it was a pretty good talk.

More tomorrow after the ride.  The weather is georgeous, sunny and in the low
to mid 70's......


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