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Re: RC: Re: housework and horses don't mix

I used to have a kitchen magnet that said 

    "A clean house is the sign of a mis-spent life."

and I fully live by that.  I don't have two or more kids, just one 15 yr old 
boy.  Plus two horses, two dogs, a cat, a bird and a snake, and a forty hour 
a week job, and elderly parents.  Plus I board (partial board so I do a lot 
of my own feeding, cleanup etc) so I have to travel to ride.  Takes extra 
hours even though it's only five minutes away.  I don't cook, or clean too 
much.  Just not what I want to spend my time on--it's just so repetitive.  
Just get it cleaned up and the kid--dogs--cat--me (you know) comes along and 
messes it up.  I have solved the problem by not doing much housework, that 
way I don't get mad because someone messed it up.  And I get to spend more 
time with my horses.  jeri

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