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Re: RC: housework & horses

Angie! I read your article in trail blazer. That's where I learned to wash dishes properly. Just keep stacking them and add hot soapy water, and they eventually get washed. My husband however, did not find the uproarious  humour in that story!!!  Well, everyone knows, that clipped bridlepaths are really a sign of a very tidy horseperson, so keep doing that. Makes the stable a showplace.   But before anyone gets any wierd ideas about my house, and cats and uncleanliness, I have to admit that I do disinfect the counter where I make food every time, so nobody is gonna get food poisoning from me. No e-coli or salmonella in my potato salad, no sir-ee. So if I ever cook before a ride (ha ha, yeah , as if ), you will all be safe to sample a bite.   Beth

>From: Rides 2 Far
>Subject: RC: housework & horses
>Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 21:20:38 -0400
> > you ought to look in the house - if it's clean, pass on the horse.
> > If you aren't sure you'd want to live there, take the horse home!
>I have a whole story written on this subject called "Bad Housekeeping".
>The directors asked me to donate article to Endurance News and I donated
>that one first. They said they'll get it in when they can but I wondered
>if they didn't think it was all that endurance related. I think ya'll
>have proven me right. >g< by the way, Bill bought me a plaque that says,
>"Dull Women have Imaculate Houses" >g<
>Last week Bill announced that the appraiser would be here the next day
>since we're refinancing. To heck with the dirty house, I trimmed bridle
>paths and cleaned the barn till midnight getting ready for him.
>Angie ... Off to wash dishes that still have electrolyte syringes from
>Saturday *before* last floating in the sink..and I don't have any more
>chairs to dump the loads of clean laundry on.
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