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snooty people and shameless plugs.

Happened to be heading to Arbys to pick up Supper for one of my pregnant 
employees and saw a nice trailer and truck rig parked nearby. So I drove 
over to it and saw a blonde head sitting in the passenger seat. Before I 
approached the drivers side and I turned on my inside lights which also 
showed my uniform and rolled down the window. The following conversation was 
Me "Hi mam'am I am sorry to bother you"
Her " YES?"
Me " I was just going to invite you to our Horse Fair on May 12 here in 
Me " If you live nearby the saddle club is haveing a horse fair and I 
thought that I would give you an invitation to come if you like"
Her "Yes we heard.. WE dont DO those sort of things."
Me "Well I was just inviting you all to come by but I guess you don't live 
close by"
Her "we live in Dunmor(10 miles down the road) I said we don't DO things 
like that!"
I was feeling rather...awkward at this point as if I had walked into a room 
full of people with toilet paper stuck down my pants...I calmly hung my head 
and smiled looked back up to see her looking at me as if I was bothering her 
while her significant other was in Arby's
Me "well I am sorry to bother you"
the window goes back up and I am sitting here what a BITCH! so 
I sat there and thought it through maybe I was a bit scary..and thought no.. 
I just was nice as you please...I did everything correct to keep from 
scaring anyone. Most people I talk to about horses you can't shut'em up, as 
my hubby says. But this lady was an honest to goodness wench! She had the 
big blonde hair to go with it as well!
I have always told myself I will not be a snotty stuck up person. I will 
always open my door to help educate. I will always keep my mind open to 
learn from others.
I listen, learn and teach if I can.
If you all are in the vicinity of Russellville, Kentucky on May 12 we are 
having a horse fair from 10 am till 2 pm. We are going to have some local 
vendors, a stallion showcase, a farrier speaking on Natural trim and 
laminitis, A vet (not sure the topic) a speaker from southern states co-op, 
Purina, and various demonstrations from the local 4-H youths, along with the 
4-H drill team. We hope to get some reining demos and tons of food and stuff 
for kids to do. Sure it may be small ya'll but we are going to have a ton of 
fun and fellowship and its about nothing but HORSES! but the best part..ITS 
FREE! (must pay for food and beverages tho')
but if you can come please drop by and see me. If you say you read it on 
ridecamp I will buy you a coke! Maybe a pizza slice. I realize again it may 
not be on your schedule..but if you know someone who knows someone...send em 
on! also if there are any vendors in the area that has horse related 
products..we have FREE booth space available.
FREE...boy you can't buy FREE education anymore.
As for the big haired woman..may the fleas of a thousand cammels infest her 
Carla (well!!!)
Ansata (gee mom who pissed on her saddle blanket?)
Haley (may her horse trot when the judge says lope!)
Rob (will someone come to the horse fair for crying out loud so she will 
shut up????? or just lie to her....PLEASE?)
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