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bermuda hay

I took  a horse to Fla for about 5 weeks this winter.  I took about 4 bales of orchard grass with me from Wv.  That was all I could carry with everything else I needed for the time I was there.  Anywho I purchased coastal hay while in Fla. and I thought it was very nice looking stuff.  I mixed it with my orchard grass as long as the grass held out, about 2 weeks.  Then she got the straight coastal and she loved the stuff and didn't have a problem with it at all.  I was told that it can cause a problem because it is so "fine" referring to texture.  But the second cutting orchard grass around here is the same texture, problem is we don't get a second cutting often, as it has been too dry.  Then last year it was too wet and the second cutting didn't dry well and ended up dusty.  Louise  

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