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Re: .....Polish vs Egyptian

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From: Kathy Mayeda <>> I guess the distinction of
Egyptian is derived from very
> specific Bedouin tribes vs. from the desert in general.>

Mostly, the breeding groups designations are named after the country that
exported them from the Nejd (Saudi Arabia - Desert), or the person who
imported them into the United States.

The Bedouins lived/live in what is now Saudi Arabia, not in Egypt.
Egyptians live in Egypt <G> "Egyptian Arabians" are descended from horses
that went from the Desert to Egypt, then to the USA.  "Straight Egyptian" is
a term used by the Pyramid Society meaning that all the ancestors from that
horse were used in specific, select breeding programs during a particular
time period in Egypt. (because those breeders were honorable, and particular
about importing quality horses FROM THE ARABIAN PENINSULA)

A few horses can actually be traced back to their Bedouin  Sources in the
Desert.  A few others trace to the stables of reputable breeders and are
presumed to be Asil horses from the desert. These are, basically,  your Al
Khamsa horses.  Blue List and BLUE STARS are included in these groups, as
well as Davenports, SO, Babsons......  and a few other subgroups.  Here are
some pedigrees that are traced back to the tribal sources, with some photos
of the imported ancestors.
and  or

Becky Huffman, Cleburne, Texas
Huffman's Arabians ~ The Original Series ~

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