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No Frills 30/55 base camp relocated

Mary Kornwolf
Didn't see a posting on this subject and wanted to make sure anyone making a last-minute decision to attend doesn't have a last-minute surprise: Story I've been given by the Ride Scty is that because of local flooding, base camp for this year's ride (April 15) has been moved from Fitchett's field to Virginia Ingram's Camelot (same place as last year's Fort Valley Rides). Camelot offers wonderful amenities, including hot showers and real bathrooms, but no dogs are allowed. If you're like me and prefer to bring your dog to rides, this may require some last minute re-arrangements. For those of you who haven't done this ride, it's a chance to see some of the same trails that will be used at this year's USA East demo ride and give flatlander horses like mine a little bit of hill work ;) Best Wishes from Mary in Richmond

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