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Re: RC: pour on fly control

At 04:22 PM 4/11/01, Anita Carlson wrote:
>  A while ago someone posted about a new pour on insect repellent for horses.
>anyone know much about it?

I don't know anything about it directly except someone on another list 
posted that her vet said it was being recalled, due to causing liver 
damage.  Someone on yet another list posted info about a citrus based 
product that she mixed with citronella and vinegar and I don't know what 
all else that worked for bugs.  Of course I'm sitting here with two 
sweatshirts on, a fire in the wood stove and trying to avoid having to go 
outside into the cold, cold wind.  There's still snow on the ground and 
with the wind chill it's about 30 right now.  Last night it dropped to 18 
PLUS the wind chill.  What bugs?

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