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Great Northern Connection

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Great Northern Connection, 
Canada's only multi-day ride, would be offering a special service this year 
at our annual three day ride held on June 30th, July 1 and 2nd.   Dr. Don 
Hamilton, of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine will be collecting 
urine and blood samples on as many horses and possible from those 
interested.  He will be analyzing these samples to determine amounts of 
loss of each electrolyte and the PH balance of the horses. The information 
gathered will be available to the riders after the ride.  There will be no 
charge for this service and it will be contributing to research that will 
help our horses.

This ride is quite unique in that has the widest possible variety of ride 
options.  We offer 50 miles each day as well as a 2 day 100, a 3 day 150 
and a one day 100 on July 2.  FEI is accepting this 100 miler as a 
qualifier for the 2001 Pan Am Championship. We also offer an introductory 
ride under 25 miles each day. The two day 100 is also the IAHA Region 17 
Championship ride.

The first day is held at the site of the 1999 Pan Am Championships. We move 
camp each day to a distinctly different trail but all three days are 
equally beautiful wilderness.  There are no roads or fences only beautiful 
Canadian parkland. All trails are within 40 miles of each other and the 
last day is only 2 miles from the US border.  We have nearly 18 hours of 
daylight at this latitude at this time of year. Our temperatures are 
usually quite pleasant and moderate. All vet checks are in base camps so 
drivers or pit crews are not required.  All you need to cross the border is 
a negative Coggins and government certified  health papers.  There is no 
charge to cost the border.  The entry fees are very low (50 miles - $45 US, 
100 miles - $75US) and the US dollar is worth over $1.50 Canadian. We are 
an experience AERC management team and the trails are always well marked.

So why not consider coming to the great Canadian wilderness to enjoy some 
hospitality and great scenery at the same time as learning what the 
electrolyte losses are in your horse.

Please contact me and I'll be glad to send further information

Myna Cryderman
Ride Manager of the Great Northern Connection

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