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RE: Re: [endurance] Difference in Arabians

There are a few endurance riders with lots of mileage in my area
that really like Egyptian bloodlines.  Most any of the bloodlines,
Polish, Russian, Crabbet, Spanish, whatever - all have breeders
that are breeding for halter purposes and may have bred away from
the sporthorse ideal.  Maybe there is a reversal in that trend
because I see a lot more of the Arabian Sporthorse thing happening.
(Don't know.  Not a breeder!)


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> told that the Egyptian lines are mostly the show horse type and the 
> reason they don't make good endurance horses is because they are 
> finer 
> boned with those really delicate legs which can easily be injured in 
> such a physically demanding sport. 

ssshhhh! Don't tell our 15 hands stallion - he thinks his 8" bone and
are pretty splendid! 

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