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Re: RC: RE: Saddle Innovations

In a message dated 4/8/01 10:56:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> I still contend (contentious old bastard that I am) that you ride the horse
>  not the saddle. With out the horse, what good is the saddle unless it is on
>  a bicycle?

Hey Bob, we're not going to open that fish riding the bicycle can again, are 

Then thing is I need the saddle.  My bareback riding days are long gone and 
since I ride a giraffe I definitely need something that will help me get up 
there and help me stay on a horse that never stands still.  All my saddles 
have a rope ladder attached to the left side which turns into a really cool 
looking breast collar that I hook up after I get on. When I get too old to 
climb up that ladder I'm planning on renting a cherry picker to lift me up 

My type of saddle varies.  But one thing they all have in common is they are 
used and purchased from a "picky woman" who just didn't like the way it fit 
her or her horse.  Reasons for rejecting the saddle include making her butt 
look too big, the color didn't match her tights, the extra weight made her 
look heavy, the girth was too tight or too loose, the stirrups hurt her feet, 
the pommel was in the way, the cantle was too high or too low, the tree was 
too stiff, not enough rings, too many rings..........

Howard (the "poster boy" for imperfection)

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