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Re: South Africa

Hi.  I grew up in PE and can refer you to some local folk, but not any who
do endurance.  If Celeste can't help you, let me know, and I'll see what I
can do.


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From: Joane Pappas White <>
To: Ridecamp <>
Date: 07 April 2001 09:52
Subject: RC: South Africa

>A couple of years ago, we had some Ridecamp members from South Africa
>who helped me find an outfitter in their area.  I am headed to Port
>Elizabeth, East Cape Provence, South Africa at the end of the month.  I
>am trying to contact some of the endurance riders in the area to get
>recommendations on places to ride horses for a few days before our
>safari starts.
>Are any of our South African riders still with us?
>Joane and the Herd
>Price, Utah
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