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RE: Hoof abscess


With an obvious insult to the hoof what is the extreme necessity of riding
this horse in a competition. Have you no respect for this horse? Give him a
chance to recover and rebuild the damage!

I would suggest you re read the preamble to the AERC Rules and Regulations.

Bob Morris

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Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2001 9:05 PM
Subject: RC: Hoof abcess

Pat Oliva
I am a member of ride camp but do not know how to post so I am using this
format.  Tigger has a abcess in his hind foot.  It is located in the front
near the wall. A week ago the vet opened it and drained it.  I have been
soaking and irrigating  with betadine.  There is no pain and no drainage.
But-there is a good size open hole.  I am torn between placing a shoe over
it open or somehow putting dentine or other hardener in the hold before
appling the shoe.  I am planning on a 50 next weekend and will use a
easyboot over the shoe.

Can anyone who has been there give me some advice.?

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