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Re: girth itch/crud

I'm pretty sure it's a fungus Jennifer so regular soap won't do a thing for it.  You need to buy some anitfungal shampoo and bath the area with that.  Also, try using something on the girth that will wick the moisture from the area instead of keeping it there (like neoprene does) cause hot/moist is fungi's favorite home.  Oh, and you need to wash your tack with anitfungal stuff too.
Hope this helps
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From: Jennifer Kurtzhall
Sent: Friday, April 06, 2001 1:13 PM
Subject: RC: girth itch/crud

I looked in the archives but couldn't find anything on girth itch (weird) does anyone have a cure or info on what exactly it is? I think it's a bacteria right? I can't get through a ride any more without my horse getting this awful, itchy, cruddy, flaky junk on his girth area and between his front  legs. I keep my tack religiously clean and bathe him before and after every ride but it doesn't seem to matter. Anybody have similar experiences or info?


Jennifer Kurtzhall

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