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Re: RC: Cushings Disease


I believe this Cushing's thread is in response to my original post of 
several days ago.  I found out my mare has about Cushing's and asked a 
couple of egroups I belong, one of them being Ridecamp.  The only herbal 
supplement I know of (so far) is called Hormonise.  I went to a site called, which sells it and has some literature on it.  I did a 
search on it and found another site that sell it as well.  It is not super 
expensive, compared with the conventional drugs.  A liter of Hormonise is 
about $45, but I don't know the dosing.  The conventional meds, called 
Permax, is 100 pills for $135, which is a 40 day supply.  The Hormonise, 
which I will be trying, was originally developed for mares with PMS, but 
does work on dealing with the pituitary tumor that causes Cushing's.  Talk 
about funny side effects.

Back to your original question.  I wouldn't even consider giving this stuff 
to my horse based on a guest posting to this egroup.  I'm not sure that I 
would even do it based on a posting of someone in the group unless I knew 
them personally or they had credentials.  So this guy better have some sales 
literature available if he ever wants to sell me any of this stuff.

Carolyn Burgess

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>>There is a guy in Wyoming that sells an herbal supplement to feed to
>>horses with cushings disease.
>Although I don't have a horse with Cushing's, I'd be very interested in
>knowing what is in that supplement.  I know people like to keep their
>formulas secret, but I wouldn't want to feed my critters anything I didn't
>know what it was.  Any idea what's in the stuff?
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