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Re: RC: LD horse miles

Hmmm.  My horse is listed in the yearbook as having 320 LD miles, 
which I think is correct.

But in endurance, she's listed in the wrong region, the old one 
before PS split off.  My fault for this year, she was listed in the 
wrong region last year and I didn't tell the office.

I turned in a ticket at the awards banquet and received a yearbook. 
Then one came in the mail yesterday.  Anybody else have that happen? 

Anybody (local) need a spare yearbook?  :-*

Norco Riverdance Ride (PS) September 1, 2001

At 8:08 PM -0400 4/5/01, wrote:
>I'm just wondering if there are any other members of AERC who ride in limited
>distance who are irritated that their equine partner's names (mileage) keep
>getting omitted from the year book?  What's with that.  Last I looked LD
>riders pay the same membership fees.  The riders get their mileage listed,
>why not the horses (the clue here folks is the word "riders" as opposed to
>walker or runners).  In other words, while I'm happy the BOD has seen fit in
>its benevolence to finally acknowledge the entry level division of its own
>sport, ie the LD section, by listing rider mileage in the yearbook, what is
>being said about the horses who carried those riders to that mileage....that
>they're unworthy of being noticed/acknowledged?  Now, I guess you can yell at
>me electronically if you don't like this post, but if you agree, then DO
>something about it!  Contact your AERC regional director AND your directors
>at large and MAKE SURE they hear your opinion on this.  Donna Snyder-Smith
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